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Darül Hadith mosque

Darül Hadith mosque

Darül Hadith mosque is one of the mosques that has survived to the present day in Edirne. In fact, this place is known as a small-scale complex.There is a shrine, a fountain and a madrasa outside the mosque in the complex.A significant number of these structures are damaged over time. As of today, only parts of the mosque and shrine retain their authenticity.Because of all these losses, this place is not referred to as a complex, but directly as Darülhadis mosque. Darülhadis mosque is very close to Manyas Gate. It is located just above the Germekapı Street in this vicinity.It is designed by II. Murad as Darülhadis. It is narrated that II. Murad saw it in his dream. Darülhadis mosque underwent a thorough repair process in 1224 (1809). Details about this repair are detailed in the inscription belonging to the mosque.An inscription on the wall on the left side of the mosque inscribes the name of the architect, Koc Ahmed.The madrasa in the complex was eliminated in 1920. The mosque gains an empiric style after the renovation process. Therefore,No trace of the II.Murad period remains. The interior structure of the mosque has a width of approximately 18 meters. There is a dome of 8 meters above the Harim. This dome sits on two separate columns with a depth of five meters.The porches that surrounded the mosque from three facades until recently have disappeared today. Today only some columns belonging to the porches stand next to the crown door. Likewise, the vaults in front of the crown door tend to collapse. On the other hand, unfortunately, the minaret and şadırvan(watetank with foundation) are in poor condition. With the exception of taps, a significant portion of the fountain is damaged. One of the two separate shrines facing the direction of Qibla is open to visitors today. The historic mosque is to serve a small number of congregations.

Darül Hadith mosqueDarül Hadith mosqueDarül Hadith mosqueDarül Hadith mosque



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