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Niyazi Usta Liver Restaurant

Niyazi Usta Liver Restaurant

One of the most unique flavors of Anatolian cuisine, which has a rich variety, is undoubtedly liver. One of the presentations of the liver, which is presented in different ways all over Turkey, which leaves an unforgettable taste in the palates is the way it is cooked and served in a pan as a leaf. Although there are numerous alternatives for this flavor, which is identified with the city in Edirne, the manual labor of Niyazi USTA that has overthrown the years promises a unique flavor for those who care about taste. Serving the pan liver, which is of great importance in the local culinary culture of Edirne in Ortakapi, the exquisite liver of the Master of Ciğerci Niyazi waits for the taste lovers in the seating area for 400 people. A small reminder; this venue is famous for the long queues at its door, especially in summer. It's hard to get in without waiting. Niyazi Usta, who has been a regular of countless names from the world of art and politics since 1983, is also the indispensable address of Turkish gourmets. Serving its guests in a total area of more than 500 square meters, both open and closed, the veteran liver master wins the hearts of foreign tourists in the region with its smiling face and sincerity. Loyal customers who have fallen their way to Edirne always continue to knock on the historic door of Niyazi USTA. With its historical, cultural and traditional structures, it welcomes more than 5 million tourists every year and is enjoyed an unforgettable place in memory and palate by welcoming its guests at the door.

Niyazi Usta Liver RestaurantNiyazi Usta Liver RestaurantNiyazi Usta Liver RestaurantNiyazi Usta Liver Restaurant



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