Ali Pasha Bazaar

Ali Pasha Bazaar

Ali Pasha Bazaar

Ali Pasha Bazaar, one of the historical bazaars of Edirne and defy the years, is located in the city center.The bazaar, which started its construction in the middle of the 16th century, is opened after a period of approximately five years.Semih Ali Pasha played a very important role in the establishment phase of the bazaar.Ali Pasha Bazaar is just one of the numerous works that architect Sinan has brought to the city.The total length of the bazaar is close to 300 meters as of now.There are 110 active shops in the bazaar.With the shops in the outer section, that number rises to over 300. Ali Pasha Bazaar is under the General Directorate of foundations.The most extensive repair work on the Bazaar took place in 1997.After repairs, all of the shops were leased to their former owners.This bazaar is commonly referred as “Grand Bazaar” by locals.The bazaar is also seen as a kind of school that educates tradesmen in the traditional sense.As a matter of fact, there are many historical shops that pass from father to son. Ali Pasha Bazaar, located on Saraçlar Street, attracts attention with its easy access.The bazaar, where local and foreign visitors coming to Edirne visit in the first place, experiences its golden age when it was first opened.In some sources, it is stated that the purpose of the construction of the bazaar is to provide income to a mosque that is thought to be built in Kırklareli.In the first period, the bazaar was guarded by hundreds of guards.Because in those years, the market was home to the trade of gold, silver and the sale of precious goods. Ali Pasha Bazaar adds an important value to the commercial life of Edirne for many years.There are six doors in total in the bazaar.The gate in the Southern Section leads to Direkler Bazaar being another important bazaar in the region.It becomes unusable due to the Great Fire that occurred in 1992.The repair process of the bazaar continues for five years.

Ali Pasha BazaarAli Pasha BazaarAli Pasha Bazaar



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