Taşköprü Mosque

Taşköprü Mosque

Taşköprü Mosque

Those who visit the city of Çanakkale have the chance to visit both historical and natural beauty together. Especially in the care of being a city that hosts the liberation struggle, Çanakkale is almost booming in terms of tourism, especially in March. But other than that, the historical sites that will cause to be visited throughout the year are also situated in there. The historic Taşköprü Mosque, located in Bayramiç district, is one of them. The Taşköprü Mosque, which offers an important advantage in terms of transportation because it is located in the center of the city, is adjacent to the bridge of the same name. This bridge is also referred as the Karsiyaka Bridge. Therefore, the mosque is called Karsiyaka Mosque from time to time. Even in some sources, it is mentioned directly as Cami-i Cedit. Taşköprü mosque was built in 1792. Hadimzade Osman Bey plays an important role in the building process of the mosque. Taşköprü Mosque, which has not seen the value it deserves recently and is in damaged condition, is included in the restoration process. This also applies to the bridge itself. A wide landscaping is done related to the bridge and the mosque. Especially the construction of stucco-free brick balustrades is the subject of a particularly serious criticism. These reactions speed up the restoration process. After the restoration, there is expected to be a significant increase in the number of people visiting both the mosque and the bridge. Because this is considered as one of the important stops for tour companies. One of the most important information about the Cami-i Cedit is that the father of our national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy was an imam in this mosque himself. In fact, he took Quranic lessons in this mosque during his childhood. The house where Mehmet Akif Ersoy was staying at that time is on the street where the mosque is located. This mosque and the bridge are mentioned in biographies about the poet.

Taşköprü MosqueTaşköprü MosqueTaşköprü MosqueTaşköprü Mosque



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