Bozcaada wind Turbines

Bozcaada wind Turbines

Bozcaada wind Turbines

The Western Cape is one of the regions most visited by local tourists in Çanakkale. Located at the western end of Bozcaada, this cape is an ideal place to watch the sunset. Most visitors prefer to have a picnic in this area by taking Island wine with them. It is possible to encounter large crowds here, especially in the summer months. Even watching the sunset has become a culture for this area. Therefore, the number of vans will increase towards sunset time. Wind turbines located in this area are the symbol of the island. These turbines contribute to electricity generation since 2000. It also creates the third wind power plant in the country. It produces 30 times more energy than the island needs. The energy, which is enough for about 30 thousand people, is transferred directly from the bottom of the sea to the mainland. Compared to coal plants, there is an oxygen saving of about 80 thousand trees per wind rose. In another phrase, 17 wind roses save a wooded forest of more than 1 million. Even with one of the wind roses, Bozcaada's energy needs are met. Bozcaada wind Roses are among the places visited by visitors. Because of its interesting appearance, those who come here often take pictures in front of wind roses. Bozcaada wind Roses are also in visual harmony with the Polente Lighthouse, which is located in the same region. It is also a preferred method to rent a bicycle to reach the wind roses on the island. Here you can also enter the sea in coves you like. The road to the wind Roses is quite enjoyable. It is only known that the road on the Frost side is relatively bumpy. In this respect, wind roses require a certain condition to reach. This is true for those who prefer biking.

Bozcaada wind TurbinesBozcaada wind TurbinesBozcaada wind Turbines


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    Paylaşabileceğiniz fotoğraflar çekmek için harika bir arka plana sahip, tavsiye ederim


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