Namazgah bastions

Namazgah bastions

Namazgah bastions

The Namazgah bastions located within the boundaries of Çanakkale were built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz. These bastions, originally known as Rumeli Aziziye Bastion, were known as the place where friday prayers were performed during the Gallipoli campaign. During the Çanakkale war, this place stands out as a relatively sheltered place. It is therefore seen as the headquarters of the troops. Given its position, it appears to have remained in the background during the war, but it can still be considered as one of the main defensive areas of the Strait. This is a real headquarters especially for the 4th Heavy Artillery Regiment and 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment. The Namazgah bastions are right next to the Kilithabir Castle. At this point, there are 16 separate coastal cannons in total during the war period. Two of these are registered as anti-aircraft cannons. The Namazgah was made modern in 1892. In 1915, it was included in the war. The Namazgah bastions, one of the largest and strongest bastions of the defense leg, begin at the end of the castle. The first bonettes of the Bastion are naturally seen at this point. - by the way, the word’ bonet ' has entered Turkish for the purpose of being used as a hat.- Camouflage is the main reason for its use in the field. These bonets consist of solid walls and soil. In this way, the arsenal is protected against the current attacks. The Namazgah bastions have been put into a form suitable for visiting today. Therefore, after parking your car in the parking lot in the entrance area, it is possible to walk freely in the bastions. Already, the first time you enter the Namazgah Bastion immediately on the left side of the door will, a nice model meet you. Thanks to this model, you can easily observe the whole of the bastions. At the point opposite the entrance, you can see the part of the museum that attracts the most visitors. This place is also specially constructed for individuals with disabilities in the context of the unimpeded History Project. At the entrance of the museum, there is a comprehensive historical information about the Namazgah Bastions.

Namazgah bastionsNamazgah bastionsNamazgah bastionsNamazgah bastions


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