Little Village of Anafarta

Little Village of Anafarta

Little Village of Anafarta

Çanakkale is a very special city that bears witness to many stories of heroism. Those who want to take the traces of our recent history directly from the place can visit Çanakkale throughout the year, especially in March. Not only the central provinces and districts, but also some villages are of serious interest here. One of the villages that deserves this attention is Little Village of Anafarta.. The small village of Anafartalar, as its name suggests, plays a very key role especially during the Anafartalar War. Like some selected villages, the small village of Anafarta was used as headquarters for that period. In this sense, visitors who are interested in history want to touch this village even if it is far from the town. It is located about 19 km away between the historical village and the district center, which witnessed the Battle of Çanakkale. As of 2008, the population of the village falls below 300 people. The small village of Anafarta, whose county road is paved, was severely damaged during the war. Despite this, it quickly recovered after the war and was largely rebuilt. The historical mosque in the village was created in 1895. There is another mosque that is older than this mosque, but the date of construction is not known for sure as its inscription does not reach today. The people in the village mainly deal with agriculture and livestock. A 400-year-old fountain is located in the area shown among the developed villages. This fountain was built by Haji Mehmet Agha. The date of the founding of the village may be 1356. During the Battle of Anafartalar, a large number of Greeks lived in both small Anafarta and large Anafarta villages. It is said that this was a large farm belonging to a very rich Greek at the time. This Greek gentleman, who has two children, places one of his two children in the small village of Anafarta and the other in the large village of Anafarta. The children's names are known as “big Anaphot” and “Little Anaphot”. These names change over time to Anafarta and become the name of the locality.

Little Village of AnafartaLittle Village of AnafartaLittle Village of AnafartaLittle Village of Anafarta



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