Çanakkale Epic Promotion Centre

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Centre

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Centre

The Çanakkale Epic Promotion Centre, located in the Gallipoli Peninsula, is of intense interest. This saga, which has a very special place in our recent history, deserves every kind of publicity boost. It is not possible to visit the center created with this idea and not be affected. This special venue, which shows once again what kind of difficulties the territory of the state of the Republic of Turkey has been through, has 11 separate rooms in total. It is possible to visit the entire museum within an hour or so. The recent construction of the museum also offers significant advantages to its visitors. For example, many technological innovations add a different value to the Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center. Many people living in Turkey are more or less familiar with the Gallipoli campaign, but when you visit this museum, it becomes clear once again how superficial what we know is. The Canakkale Epic Promotion Center, which is a museum that makes a difference with its architectural structure and content, attracts many surprises. You can witness some visuals, especially thanks to the three-dimensional glasses at the center, which faced a record visitor in March. When you listen to the story of Seyit Onbaşı, you may feel as if you are experiencing those moments one-on-one. In the same way, when the front is bombed, your physical location is also shaken. In this way, the blessings of technology allows you to identify more easily. The Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center cost 70 million Turkish lira in total. Its design represents exactly the Çanakkale. It is also extremely easy to reach here. After the Kilitbahir ferries, a 14-kilometre journey will be enough. At this point, if you do not have a special vehicle, you can often use the departing Kabatepe minibuses.

Çanakkale Epic Promotion CentreÇanakkale Epic Promotion CentreÇanakkale Epic Promotion CentreÇanakkale Epic Promotion Centre


  • leylaxsevenn
    17.08.2022 07:45

    Sizi adeta savaş dönemine götürüp Çanakkale zaferimizin ne şartlarda kazanıldığını hissettiriyor. Emeği geçen herkese teşekkürler


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