Grand Anafarta Village

Grand Anafarta Village

Grand Anafarta Village

There is a distance of approximately 14 kilometers between the village of Büyük Anafarta and the district center. The road established with the district is paved. In addition, the population of the village was 293 according to the 2008 census. The main economic resources of the village of Büyük Anafarta, whose name has never changed since its foundation, are agriculture and livestock. At the same time, potatoes and tomatoes stand out as important crops in agriculture. Women in Büyük Anafarta Village paint their clothes woven from cotton with root paint. This adds a whole new dimension to their beauty. The literacy rate is extremely high in Büyük Anafarta village, which is located within the boundaries of Çanakkale and is regarded as a very valuable place in terms of history. The remains of a very old bath house in the village also attract attention. The date of construction of the fountain located on the side towards the exit of Eceabat is stated to be 1285. The most important reason why the great Anafarta Village is so popular is that it was used as a headquarters during the Anafartalar Wars. As it is known, many villages or houses in this region were used as headquarters during the Gallipoli campaign. All of these houses today have considerable historical value and memorabilia. Even some of the officers who lost their lives in the war lie in the tomb of this village. It is also known that the founding date of the Great Anafarta Village is 1306. Bigali and Beşyol stand out among other historical villages in the region. Apart from all these, the castles in the village of Büyük Anafarta, located 22 kilometers from the center of Çanakkale, were built in the 17th century. Although there is a primary school in the village, it is unavailable. Students in the school have to take advantage of transport education. Unfortunately, the Great Village of Anafarta, which is a very important place in terms of history, does not see much of the value it deserves today. You can reach here by minibuses departing from Eceabat district.

Grand Anafarta VillageGrand Anafarta VillageGrand Anafarta VillageGrand Anafarta Village



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