Bigali Atatürk Museum

Bigali Atatürk Museum

Bigali Atatürk Museum

The village where Bigali Atatürk Museum is located is also known as Boğalı by the people. This place is located at the northern point of Eceabat and has a distance of around 4 kilometers between it and the Strait. To understand the story of Bigali Atatürk Museum, it is necessary to stir through the dusty pages of history. This place briefly served as headquarters for the 19th Division during the Çanakklae war. In that process, Atatürk uses this house to stay. For this reason, the house was later referred as “Atatürk House and Museum”. After the house is turned into a museum, this place becomes one of the most visitor-attracting places in Çanakkale.Bigali Atatürk Museum carries on the architectural features of this region in general. This house has three rooms in total and one large balcony and also has a very nice courtyard. Bigali Atatürk Museum, the first thoughts on the museum project begin to form in 1969. As soon as this thought occurs, a plaque in the form of ‘19th Division Headquarters’ is placed on the door of the House. It has been open to visitors since 1973. Inside the house, there is a work desk used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during his communications period. Unfortunately, this table is the only souvenir left among the original materials of the house. Not only is the house within the scope of the museum, the surroundings of the house also undergo a drastic change. Especially the village square, the village houses that meet the square and the other houses on the road were restored in 2006. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk creates many plans related to the attack in this house. It is said that the oil lamps never went out until morning at that time. The presence of the house also gives him a chance to control the facade. After the end of Çanakkale War, this house in Bigali region is returned to its former owners. Hence, the district continues to be used again in house form.

Bigali Atatürk MuseumBigali Atatürk MuseumBigali Atatürk MuseumBigali Atatürk Museum


  • WzhQYFLQ
    20.06.2022 11:18

    bigali evini gezdim atamızın giydiği kıyafetler ve savaş için hazırlanmış haritalar mevcut

  • guvenylmz
    07.11.2022 08:34

    Giriş ücreti ne kadar ??

  • leylaxsevenn
    18.07.2022 14:14

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün kullanmış olduğu şahsi eşyaları ve savaş planlarının bulunduğu, alan olarak büyük olmasa da önem olarak çok büyük değere sahip bir ev. Gelibolu yarımadasında gidilmesi gereken yerlerden biri


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