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Behramkale Dark

Behramkale Dark

Behramkale, located within the borders of Çanakkale, is a very special village created during the Ottoman period. The main thing that makes this place so special is that it is a very old settlement. Looking towards the sea from the place we can also refer as the ancient city, it is noticeable that the settlement in Behramkale Village is on the opposite side. Certain parts of the village are located within the walls of the ancient city. This allows the village to be visited by more people. Today only around 150 households live in Behramkale village. It has been protected as a site since thirty years. Therefore, building within the village area is prohibited. The houses in the village are very old and architecturally characteristic. This ensures that the existing texture is preserved. Although it is forbidden to build new buildings, it is possible to restore existing houses. It is possible to find houses in the village that largely reflect the intricacies of stonework. The narrow streets of the village, adorned with these harka houses, are very pleasant to wander and take photographs. In addition, the people of the village are extremely warm towards the visitors. With the popularization of the village, numerous hotel and hostel options are created. Most of the houses are scenic and largely reflect the historic texture. The ancient city of Assos is also located right at the top of the village. You can reach here if you walk up the hill covered with stones. In fact, when you walk through the door, you are first greeted by the famous temple of Athena. On the hill leading to the ruins, the villagers sell their products on the stalls left and right. Many village products, from home tarhanas(soup with dried yoghurt) to olive oil, from laces to shawls, are of great interest in this area. The village of Behramkale also has a mosque and a bridge dating from the Ottoman era. Especially The Hüdavendigar mosque, built by ı.Murat, draws attention with the pictures of the galleys in it.

Behramkale DarkBehramkale DarkBehramkale DarkBehramkale Dark



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