Ancient Theatre of Assos

Ancient Theatre of Assos

Ancient Theatre of Assos

The Ancient Theatre of Assos is located just south of the Agora. It also immediately gives the impression that it has Ancient Greek architectural character, especially with its horseshoe plan. A two-storey stage building was placed in this area earlier in the Roman period. This stage building is located right in front of the orchestra. The Ancient Theatre of Assos leans against a hillside and also faces the view. These features are also among the main characteristics of Greek theatres. The seating steps in the theatre are separated from each other by vertical stairs. In the same area, on the other hand, the horizontal navigation places also known as ‘diazomas’ attract attention. Thanks to two vaulted passages, it is possible to access the Ancient Theatre of Assos from east-west directions. There is a separate water channel surrounding the orchestra in the theatre. A deep vault is located in the southern part of the seating areas. During the Roman period, the first rows of seats were cut and balustrade boards were added here. This situation is presumed to be entirely related to Gladiator Games. A total of four inscriptions are found in the seating rows of the Ancient Theatre of Assos. These inscriptions were found to belong to Skinners and stone operators. The inscriptions in question were interpreted as an indication that people from this professional group had booked themselves in the theatre and are now protected. Holes found in the seating areas of the Ancient Theatre of Assos prove the existence of shadows created to protect the audience from the sun. Because these shades have holes in the wood. In some periods, serious damage was caused by landslides in the western part of the Ancient Theater of Assos. Even today, the mentioned damages can be seen quite clearly. The Ancient Theatre of Assos was built in the 4th century BC. In the Roman period, some add-ons were made and used. The theatre has a total capacity of 2,500 people. The first serious investigations of the region were carried out in 1881 by a delegation from the United States.

 Ancient Theatre of Assos  Ancient Theatre of Assos  Ancient Theatre of Assos  Ancient Theatre of Assos


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