Ancient Port of Assos

Ancient Port of Assos

Ancient Port of Assos

The ancient port of Assos, located within the borders of Çanakkale, has an admirable beauty. Although the area consists of narrow streets, it covers a small area, so to speak, there is an influx of visitors. The area is also a sit area. That's why the historic stone houses here are untouched. In fact, there is not even the slightest restoration work in relation to the houses. This ensures that the structuring remains in a certain balance. Only some tourist facilities stand out within the harbour. When you look around Assos Antique Harbour, you can see that the accommodation options are largely composed of boutique hotels. It is possible to enter the sea safely thanks to this facility or the wooden piers located right in front of the hotels. Here you may also encounter fish restaurants along the harbour. Tea gardens, ice cream shops and gift shops add a great deal of colour to the harbour surroundings. It is possible to feel like you have travelled through time because the harbour retains that historic texture in terms of atmosphere. Today, even some of the ruins of the ancient port are visible. For example, the lanterns of the molten are placed on the pillars of the ancient city. The Ministry of Culture has expanded this barrier. In this way, the region has started to host new fishing boats. In this place, however, it has become a tradition to spend time or fish in the artificial harbour area during the evening hours. In the past years, the ancient port of Assos was filled with Acorn trees. The road towards the ancient port of Assos has a generally steep and winding structure. In summer, vehicle entrances are closed due to overcrowding already. This is not the kind of place to drive. Exploring on foot is inevitable both in the spirit and physical condition of the region. Approximately 100 meters behind the port will be enough to park your vehicle.

Ancient Port of AssosAncient Port of AssosAncient Port of AssosAncient Port of Assos


  • guvenylmz
    07.11.2022 08:22

    Kesinlikle görülmeye değer birer. Giderken hazırlıklı gitmek gerekli.


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