Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove has a very important meaning in recent Turkish history. The most important reason why the region within the borders of the Çanakkale is so well known is that during the Battle of Çanakkale, the Anzacs made landings here. Anzac Cove, which has a length of about 600 metres, is connected to the Gallipoli peninsula. Just to the north, the Arıburnu Hills stand. The area is used as a base for them after this extraction by the Anzacs. By 1985, the government of the time registered the name of this place as Anzac Cove. This bay, where domestic and foreign visitors are attracted to it, offers important traces from the war period. The fact that the bay witnessed the important details of the Çanakkale war in particular is quite exciting. However, besides all these historical developments, it should be noted that even if Anzac Cove did not have any historical significance, it would have somehow managed to be at the forefront of its natural beauty. In this sense, visitors to the region get the chance to witness this wonderful cove, where both our heroic stories are written and the beauty of nature draws attention. It should be noted that Anzac Cove has a special place, especially for Australian tourists. This is because the Anzac Corps took off over this bay in 1915. The same is true of New Zealand tourists. Therefore, among the foreign visitors who visit the region, the citizens of these two countries weigh in. The descendants of the ANZAC soldiers gather at this bay every year on 25 April to commemorate their ancestors lost in the war in which these heroic epics were written. As part of these commemorations, they roll up their sleeves and go into the water. The reason they do this is to try to understand what their ancestors went through during the war. Following this ritual, they march en masse towards the Lone Pine Monument. At this point they organize their own religious ceremonies and '57. Ancestor's Trail ‘takes place on exactly the same day in parallel with this ceremony, but that line of respect between the two groups is never surpassed in these encounters.

Anzac CoveAnzac CoveAnzac CoveAnzac Cove



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