Yakup Çelebi Mosque and Mausoleum

Yakup Çelebi Mosque and Mausoleum

Yakup Çelebi Mosque and Mausoleum

Yakup Çelebi Mosque and Mausoleum is one of the spiritual places you can visit when you come to Bursa, which has a reputation as a city of shrines. It is recorded that this place was built by Yakup Çelebi himself at the beginning of the 15th century.

Yakup Çelebi is the son of I.Murat. The place of worship in question lies in the north and south direction. The final communion place is located in the western section of the mosque. The outbuildings cover a total area of 500 square meters. It is seen that the mosque, which has domes with triangular transitions, has a square plan architecturally. The seven windows of the mosque that open to the outside illuminate the inside. The preferred cover system is plastered on the walls of the facade. In the outer sections of the facade walls, the technique is preferred.

There is no inscription of the mosque that reaches today. The historic mosque remains empty for a long time after 1919. It was decided to function as a museum depot in 1934. This private mosque is in the group of mosques with zawiyah and tabhane(Public soup kitchen). One row of cut stone and three rows of brick materials are used in the structure. In the upper section of the walls the hedgehog eaves attract attention. The front section of the mosque also has a high portico with five units. It is determined that the heads of column in this area remain from the ancient period. Wooden tensioners are seen in the decks of the pointed arches. Mirrored vault cover is preferred in all units in portico.

Yakup Çelebi Mosque, which has been repaired frequently throughout history, finally opened for worship in 1961. A special shrine is often visited in the side section of the almshouse. It is believed that Yakup Çelebi's father lay in this tomb. Because of the tomb, it is possible to see local visitors here throughout the year. This shrine is also created in a garden. This makes the shrine even more visually impressive.

Yakup Çelebi Mosque and MausoleumYakup Çelebi Mosque and MausoleumYakup Çelebi Mosque and MausoleumYakup Çelebi Mosque and Mausoleum


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