Historical Pine Coffeehouse

Historical Pine Coffeehouse

Historical Pine Coffeehouse

The places, villages or towns where the Greeks once lived in Bursa are still of interest today. Trilye, an ancient Greek fishing village, is one of them. The Trilye, where the history, the landscape and the sea come together, is flooded by both Bursians and those from outside the city.

The most popular place of Trilye, which stands out with olive oil, is the Historic Pine Coffee House. This place is located in Mudanya District of Bursa. Historic Pine Coffee House, which is the place of most interest to those who come to Trilye, continues to serve again after the renovation works. If you want to spend a nice weekend together with your loved ones in this historic Greek town, you should definitely explore Pine Coffee House, which embraces the landscape.

It is also possible to have a pleasant breakfast in this special place, where nostalgic wooden tables add colour in the immediate shade of olive and pine trees. The Trilye is also called Olive Vineyard in some sources. After coming to the town via Mudanya, you can see the Historic Pine Coffee House sign on the right side of the mosque 100 metres ahead of the square. The fact that coffee house is located at the beginning of the hill makes the view much more special. The place that takes the sea under its feet is very much in line with the spirit of the town.

This area is a type of promenade used by the Greeks in the early part of the last century. After the Greek Cypriots left the region, it remains an area where only the sunset can be watched. Unfortunately, it has been dormant for quite some time, leaving it to its fate. The story of the emergence of the Historic Pine Coffee House begins at this point. The locals, who are trying to restore the old vitality and joy of the region, achieve this thanks to Historic Pine Coffee House. The reputation of the coffee soon extends beyond the boundaries of the town.

Historical Pine  CoffeehouseHistorical Pine  CoffeehouseHistorical Pine  CoffeehouseHistorical Pine  Coffeehouse


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    07.03.2023 13:28

    Deniz manzarası eşliğinde kahve veya çay içmek isteyen herkesin gitmesi görmesi gereken bir mekân


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