Şehzade Mustafa Mausoleum

Şehzade Mustafa Mausoleum

Şehzade Mustafa Mausoleum

Şehzade Mustafa was the son of Suleyman The Magnificent. He was born in 1515 within the borders of Manisa. When Yavuz Sultan Selim dies, his father takes the throne in his place. That's why he goes to capital with his father. Şehzade Mustafa, who served as a governor of a sanjak for a period, is one of the symbol names for the Ottomans. His tomb is located just south of Alaattin mausoleum. It is stated that this mausoleum was built by III.Selim.

The marble inscription above the shrine is known to be original. This inscription says that Suleiman The Magnificent strangled his son in The Plain of Konya. The shrine is built by Kanuni himself. The Şehzade Mustafa Mausoleum contains mainly stone and brick materials. The shrine has an octagonal body in general terms. A marble jamb is located at the entrance. The dome covering the tomb is covered with lead, which adds a more special dimension to the place. Lily and clove decorations on the facade wall are in the foreground. At the same time, the tile figures, which were very popular at the time, are reflected in the corners.

The Tomb of Şehzade Mustafa was created in 1573. Şehzade Mustafa's death year is recorded as 1553. After he died in Konya, the corpse of him was brought to Bursa. He remains buried here in another grave for approximately 20 years. The shrine built in his name will be taken here upon completion. Today it can be easily stated that Şehzade Mustafa Mausoleum is one of the shrines that attracts the most visitors in Bursa.

In order to visit this special shrine in the Muradiye Complex, you should consider the public transportation to the Muradiye district. When you come here, you will also have the chance to see other building communities inthe complex.

Şehzade Mustafa MausoleumŞehzade Mustafa MausoleumŞehzade Mustafa MausoleumŞehzade Mustafa Mausoleum


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    Muradiye Külliyesinde yer alan türbelerden yalnızca bir tanesi.


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