Saitabat Waterfall

Saitabat Waterfall

Saitabat Waterfall

Although the city of Bursa is generally in the foreground with its places from the Ottoman period, there are essentially many natural beauties in the city. Only one of them, the Saitabat Waterfall, spills over a Grand Canyon. According to the great interest of the local people, there are many steakhouse and cafes around the waterfall. People flock to this promenade during the summer months. The Saitabat Waterfall completes all this natural beauty.

To come to the waterfall, you have to take the road to the village of 'Derekızık 2i' via Kestel road. There is a distance of around two kilometers between the waterfall and this village. If you wish, you can reach the region where the waterfall is located by the D19 and D20 lines. There are many guiding signs on the road related to the waterfall. Kestel is located 9 kilometers away from the district center where the waterfall is poured a small pond is formed. The waterway also causes the formation of a canyon. Both the spring waters and the melting snow waters from Uludag form the source of the waterfall.

Saitabat Waterfall is also referred as ‘Güvercinlik Waterfall’ by the local people. Although the flow rate of this place decreases significantly during the summer periods, people often visit this place during this period. The main reason for this interest is that it is intertwined with the promenade and easy to reach. You may encounter people swimming in the area where the Saitabat Waterfall spills, which is noted for its icy waters.

As the popularity of the region grows, the establishment here becomes stronger. People from the surrounding villages offer their organic products for sale at the stalls they open here. Instead of swimming, you can at least relax with your feet in the water and enjoy a pleasant day away from the city. Don't forget to take a picture while you're here with the parrots around the waterfall.

Saitabat WaterfallSaitabat WaterfallSaitabat WaterfallSaitabat Waterfall


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    Güleryüzlü ve sıcak şömine eşliğinde lezzetli bir Alabalık yedik


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