Tomb Of Archer Baba(Father)

Tomb Of Archer Baba(Father)

Tomb Of Archer Baba(Father)

The Tomb of many figures belonging to the palace dynasty is located in the city of Bursa. On the other hand, shrines are built for some spiritually important persons by the people. One of the shrines that you can visit when you come to Bursa is the Archer Baba Mausoleum. This shrine is popularly referred as ’Nusret Pasha Mausoleum'. It is located at the point known as ‘Saltanat Gate’ in Hisar, one of the historical regions of Bursa. Although it is written in written sources that the Tomb of Archer Baba was built in the 1300s, its clear date cannot be determined. The Archer Baba, or Nusret Pasha as he is popularly known, plays an important role in the conquest of Bursa city. In this sense, he is always respected by the local people.

This special shrine, built in memory of Archer Father, is square-planned. The shrine also has a roof of tile from the outside and shows a domed feature from the inside. The tomb is quite low compared to the surrounding area. The interior dimensions of Nusret Pasha Tomb are 3.45 x 3.45 meters. The transition to the dome section with the walls of the facade is accomplished by means of tromps. In the middle part of the dome area, the pencil work is in the foreground where the vegetable motifs are heavy. Three windows illuminate the historical shrine in total.

Nusret Pasha, also known as Nasrettin Pasha, was nicknamed ‘Deli(Insane) ' at the time. He is also known to be of Circassian origin. Nusret Pasha, who personally participated in the conquest of Bursa, spread his fame when the city was besieged. It is rumored that he managed to break down a fortification wall that was very difficult to overcome at that time thanks to his arrows. The alperens(combatants), who had the chance to enter through the walls he had destroyed, heralded there for the first time that the city of Bursa had been conquered. When you follow the slope through Çakırhamam towards Tophane, you will encounter the Sultanat Gate. The Tomb of Archer Baba is located in the opposite section of this gate.

Tomb Of Archer Baba(Father)Tomb Of Archer Baba(Father)



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