Merinos Cultural Park

Merinos Cultural Park

Merinos Cultural Park

The Merinos Cultural Park, where Bursa people show great interest especially on weekends, is seen as the oxygen tank of the city. It is one of the two largest urban parks in Bursa. Merinos Green Cultural Park occupies a green area of 252 thousand square meters. In total, there are around 2,500 trees and 11 thousand plants in this huge area. It is possible to mention 81 different species in the trees special.

Besides the natural beauties, various artificial areas that were later incorporated also attract attention. In this sense, a large artificial pond and various ornamental pools can be mentioned. Merinos Cultural Park is also used for various activities throughout the year. There is a large covered car park with a total of one thousand cars in the park. On the other hand, many cafes and restaurants respond to many needs. Walking, jogging or cycling paths are included within the park. Especially during the summer months, people show intense interest in these three trails. On the other hand, there are creative children's play areas in almost every part of the Merinos Cultural Park.

Merinos Cultural Park, which is full of surprises at every point, is almost the heart of the city in terms of social aspect. Within the park, there are various facilities. Atatürk Congress and Culture Center is built on the site of the historical Merinos Yarn Factory. This center also hosts many congresses throughout the year.

The intensive efforts of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality between 2006 and 2008 have been instrumental in the creation of Merinos Cultural Park. This place is presented to the public as part of some kind of urban renewal project. The reintroduction of the Sümerbank Merinos Woollen Industrial Weaving Factory to the city on this occasion makes the project even more meaningful.

Merinos Cultural ParkMerinos Cultural ParkMerinos Cultural ParkMerinos Cultural Park


  • muratball
    01.07.2022 07:50

    Yanında Müzeler olan Çok kullanışlı hemde gelip rahatlıkla huzur bulabiliceğiniz park :)

  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 07:56

    Güzel bir yer,akşamları daha da güzel , sabah kuş sesleri ayrı güzel, metro ile merinos istasyonunda inip gidilebilir


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