Court (Ibrahim Pasha) Bath

Court (Ibrahim Pasha) Bath

Court (Ibrahim Pasha) Bath

There is a considerable Turkish bath culture in the city of Bursa. Especially the baths and spas from the Ottoman period reflect the architectural features and style of the period into its ornamental details. Bursa spas in particular are believed to have healing effects. Among the important baths in Bursa, it is possible to mention Mudanya Bath, Hasan Bey Bath, Tahir Agha Bath and Court Bath.

Court Bath, also known as ’Ibrahim Pasha Bath'. It is possible to reach here on foot through the Heykel Önü district in Bursa city centre. The bath is exactly adjacent to the Ibrahim Pasha Mosque on Başak Street. It is known that the historical bath was built by Ibrahim Pasha in 1421. Ibrahim Pasha is one of the sons of Çandarlı Ibrahim. The purpose of the bath is to provide income to the Imaret in Iznik. In order to provide this income, Ibrahim Pasha not only foundations this bath, but also seven nearby villages.

The Court Bath belongs to the group of double baths. Iwan application is observed in the domed space. There is no warm section here. Visitors therefore move directly to the temperature section. Three rows of hedgehogs are used on the facade walls. The section where the men are located is adorned with stalactites placed inside a pointed arch. Through a portal with a niche, you get to the undress part. The undress section measures 11 x 11 meters. Therefore, there is a square-shaped plan structure. The top of the main space is covered with a dome. It is seen that half, small spheres are placed on the corners. The coldness area has a pool with eight corners. Pointed arched decorations in the side sections of this pool arouse interest. Colored marbles are preferred in the navel stone of the Court Bath. The historical bath has undergone two major repairs, first in 1490 and then in 1593. Visitors to the bath encounter a historic sycamore tree in the front section.

Court (Ibrahim Pasha) BathCourt (Ibrahim Pasha) BathCourt (Ibrahim Pasha) Bath


  • caliskanahmt
    07.03.2023 13:44

    Osmanlı dönemi tarihî bir hamam. Aslında bir manzume serisi.

  • caliskanahmt
    07.03.2023 13:44

    Osmanlı dönemi tarihî bir hamam. Aslında bir manzume serisi.


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