Lala Şahin Pasha Children's Library

Lala Şahin Pasha Children's Library

Lala Şahin Pasha Children's Library

Today the building known as Lala Şahin Pasha Children's Library is essentially a very old madrasa building. This building was built in the 14th century by Rumeli Governor Lala Şahin Pasha. The historical madrasa, which continues to serve in the field of education until after the Republic, is converted into a children's library by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Unfortunately, the historical madrasa remains in ruins for a long time before this decision is made. The Institution of Lovers of Antiquities, in 1969, step in this situation and provides the repair of the madrasa. The second restoration takes place 40 years from now. An important businessman living in Bursa provides financial resources for this restoration. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which recently owned the property rights of the building, performs the last maintenance work and opens the children's library.

Although a short time after its opening, students from the schools operating in Bursa are brought here in groups. It is stated that the building preferred for the library, which is located exactly on Kavaklı Street, was built with war booty in time. In the construction of the building, brick materials as well as stones called kefeki draw attention. It is reminiscent of Seljuk madrasa in terms of its plan. The entrance section is seen to be marble embedded. From this section you can switch to the covered area. An arch separating the dome and the vault can be mentioned. The ancient column-titled marbles in this area are taken from a Byzantine structure of that period.

The conversion of this historical madrasa into a children's library corresponds to the year 2012. The building, which houses the library, will undergo five major repairs in total. The restoration, especially in 1968, played a major role in achieving its present condition. The most important feature of the madrasa building is that it is the first Turkish work made in the city of Bursa.

Lala Şahin Pasha Children's LibraryLala Şahin Pasha Children's LibraryLala Şahin Pasha Children's LibraryLala Şahin Pasha Children's Library


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