Köse Horoz Waterfall

Köse Horoz Waterfall

Köse Horoz Waterfall

Köse Horoz Waterfall is in Mustafakemalpaşa District of Bursa. It is above the Waterfall Değirmendere, which lies within the village of the same name. The altitude of the waterfall is around 18 meters above the ground. A very impressive pond forms in the area where the water falls to the ground. From time to time, visitors who don't mind the cold water want to enter this pond and cool off. This place passes as a kind of Rock Pond.

Coming to the waterfall in summer is a priority. The water here is then poured into Alev Creek. Alev Creek is also a tributary of Mustafa Kemal Pasha Creek. Year-round hiking activity is organized in and around Köse Horoz Waterfall. Culture, art formations or sports clubs show interest in the waterfall. Tour companies start to organize special tours here recently. Those who come to the area often combine their tours with the village of Tırnavo, which is near here. Due to the length of the hiking trail, you should come to Kösehoroz Waterfall with appropriate clothing and appropriate shoes. The presence of ankle shoes is important at this point.

The name of the village, which includes the waterfall, is also mentioned in ancient sources as ‘Kösearus’. Köse Horoz Waterfall, located approximately 5 kilometers south of Kösehoroz Village, can not be arrived directly by car, but you can come at least as far as the village by private vehicle or dolmush. From the area where you left your vehicle to the waterfall, you have to take a long walk following the wooded area. The waterfall is therefore preferred for trekking and nature enthusiasts. Köse Horoz Waterfall is like the reward at the end of this long and strenuous hiking trail. The waterfall offers many activities, opportunities to its visitors, especially during the summer months. Access to the area of Kösehoroz Waterfall is completely free.

Köse Horoz WaterfallKöse Horoz WaterfallKöse Horoz WaterfallKöse Horoz Waterfall



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