Kayhan (Kayıhan) Bath

Kayhan (Kayıhan) Bath

Kayhan (Kayıhan) Bath

Bursa city is especially prominent during the Ottoman period with many hot springs and baths. This leads to the emergence of a real bath culture in the city. For many years, researchers show special interest in Bursa baths and give a place in their works. The Kayhan Bath, which has an important place in the Ottoman baths, was built by the Grand Vizier Koca Mehmet Pasha. It is estimated that the bath was built in the early 15th century. Construction information cannot be confirmed as there is no construction inscription of the bath. Kayhan Bath, also known as ‘Kayıhan Bath’, belongs to the double baths class. Bricks and cut stones were used in its construction.

Kayhan Bath faced various fire disasters in the 1800s. However, each time it is repaired and continues to function. In the past century, however, it has unfortunately lost its original function. It is used as a factory and warehouse in this process. In 2010, the historical Turkish bath was restored with the great contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The city leases it from the owners for a certain period of time. The bathhouse is currently used for cultural purposes.

If you want to visit Kayhan Bath when you arrive in Bursa, you can head towards Inönü Avenue via Cumhuriyet Street.The historic site is adjacent to the mosque of the same name. The street where the bath is located is also known as Kayhan Street. The Grand Vizier Koca Mehmet Pasha, who gave his name to the Hammam, is among the prominent names of the Sultan II. Murat period. Vizier Koca Mehmet Pasha, who rose to the position of Chief Vizier at that time, has his signature in many places in the city. Kayhan Bath occupies an area of 500 square meters. This place has been used for many years as a workshop by timber workers. For this reason, it is also referred as the’ Timbers Inn'.

Kayhan (Kayıhan) BathKayhan (Kayıhan) BathKayhan (Kayıhan) BathKayhan (Kayıhan) Bath


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    Bursa'nın tarihi hamamlarndan biri daha turizme kazandırılmış


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