Roman Theatre Of İznik

Roman Theatre Of İznik

Roman Theatre Of İznik

The ancient Roman Theatre of Iznik, located on the shore of Lake Iznik, has a total capacity of 15 people. The section with the audience and the tunnel area where the animals are released into the square mostly reach the present day. There is a distance of about 90 kilometers between the Iznik Roman Theatre and the Iznik fortifications, which are shown as one of the most magnificent archaeological monuments in Anatolia today. It was built by P.Secunds who was a provincial governor during the reign of Traianus being one of Rome's important emperors. Pilinius, the governor of that period, writes a letter to the Emperor privately and writes about the need for the completion of the theatre.

At the point of fighting against the Arab armies in the 8th century, unfortunately, the cutting stones of the theatre were forcibly removed. The stones removed from here are reinforced to the walls. It is seen that many stones, especially in the seating levels, were transferred to the walls. Many pieces belonging to the theatre are found both in the walls and in the walls of the houses. Even these include inscriptions and theatrical masks. A total of 19 galleries carry the seating echelons. This is typical of Roman theatrical architecture. The majority of the galleries are gable vaulted. Various measurement differences between these vaults draw attention. The highest vaults are around six metres.

Large blocks stand out inside as well as outside the theater. The sections in the interior are covered with sand or rubble stones. Four of the inner galleries are unearthed today in the Roman Theatre of Iznik, which is 84 metres long. Likewise, the stage building and stair entrances are successfully uncovered. Today, especially the works are concentrated in the entrance section of the theatre. Hundreds of earthen lamps, belt buckles, coins or ceramics were recovered in the works related to the Roman Theatre of Iznik.

Roman Theatre Of İznikRoman Theatre Of İznikRoman Theatre Of İznik


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