Deserted Inn

Deserted Inn

Deserted Inn

The Deserted Inn, which is shown among the symbol Khans of Bursa, has details worth seeing. The inn, which includes local and foreign visitors to the sightseeing route, is an important hairpiece for the city's tourism. The inn is known to have survived the reign of Bayezid Yildirim, one of the important Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The inscription of the building dates to 1396. Besides this, there is also an expression in the form of ’Have a nice working day'.

Located on the Susurluk-Uluabat Lake Road, this nostalgic spot is seen for many years as a kind of rest or accommodation stop for river transport. It is always lively and crowded as it serves the local people free of charge at that time. This place also reflects the classical Ottoman khan architecture to a considerable extent. Those who are curious about the traditional Ottoman caravanserais can witness this inn, which is located in the city of Bursa and is easy to reach.

The inn was repaired by the General Directorate of Foundations in 2008. That period is restored with Build-Operate logic. After this restoration, the Deserted Inn begins to serve as a kind of hotel with nine rooms. There is also a stylish restaurant inside the inn. Even if you are not staying at the hotel today, you can stop by this special place to visit the inn and take a variety of photos.

The Deserted Inn is located exactly close to the village of Seyran and is adjacent to the natural beauties. The most important feature of the Deserted Inn is that it is the first architectural caravanserai model in Ottoman custom. This situation adds a different importance and value to the inn in the spiritual sense. The door and inscription section usually attract the attention of those who come to the Deserted Inn in the first place. After the entrance, a large hall meets you outside the right and left rooms. The venue, which measures 42 times 21 meters, has a distance of 64 km between Ilse Bursa city center.

Deserted InnDeserted InnDeserted InnDeserted Inn



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