Ishak Pasha Mosque and Complex

Ishak Pasha Mosque and Complex

Ishak Pasha Mosque and Complex

The Ishak Pasha Mosque and Complex located within the borders of Inegöl is a very important and architecturally valuable work that was built by Ishak Pasha himself and reached today.

Ishak Pasha was an important grand vizier during the reign of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror. The Ishak Pasha Mosque and Complex located in the place known as ‘Municipal Front’ was built in 1468. In terms of construction qualities, offers traces of the concept of ‘Bursa style’ architecture. It has very serious similarities with the Hamza Bey Mosque, which is already another historical mosque in Bursa.

Both domes are aligned and are of the same size. There are vaulted add-ons integrated with wide arches in the immediate side sections of these. The relatively large domes sit on triangular pulleys. The last congregation area has five small domes in total. It can be observed that these domes are based on masonry feet.

The main walls of the mosque are covered with rubble stones and lined bricks. The historical site is within Inegöl Bazaar as a location. Visitors can witness a large building community consisting of a madrasa and a mausoleum outside the mosque. The complex largely reflects 15th century Ottoman architecture. According to the records of the foundations, in the first period of the complex, there are also inns, barns and lodges. Today, there are only mosque, shrine and madrasa. Even this is enough for the mosque to be visited extensively.

Today, an inscription on the door on the north side of the mosque draws attention; but this is not an inscription of construction but of repair. According to the information here, the complex underwent extensive repair in 1877. At the same time according to the information written here again repair is performed by II.Abdulhamid. Ishak Pasha Mosque has a ‘t’ plan as a structure.

Ishak Pasha Mosque and ComplexIshak Pasha Mosque and ComplexIshak Pasha Mosque and ComplexIshak Pasha Mosque and Complex



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