Irgandi Bridge

Irgandi Bridge

Irgandi Bridge

Irgandi Bridge, one of the historical bridges of Bursa, adds an important value to the tourism of the city. This important bridge serves to connect the two districts named Osmangazi and Yıldırım in Bursa.

Irgandi Bridge, located on top of Gökdere, was built in 1442. It is known that the bridge was built by Muslihiddin Bey, one of the important merchants of the city at that time. In the early years when the bridge was uncovered, more than 30 shops and a masjid were found just above the structure.

Irgandi Bridge was affected in a very negative way by the earthquake in 1854 in Bursa. As it is known, this big earthquake damaged many works in Bursa at that time. The Irgandi Bridge is in front of the other works due to the damage it received. Despite this damage, it is still repaired in a short time. After renovations, the wooden shops are re-positioned on the bridge. In later years, it was bombed by the Greeks and almost completely destroyed. It underwent repairs at regular intervals until 2004. In 2004, with the final repair, it regains its present face.

Today, some craft workshops or shops are located above the Irgandi Bridge. The fact that there is a four-arasta(Ottoman Bazaar) bridge makes this place known worldwide. There are four separate bridges on earth with this feature in total. Other bridges include Florence, Venice and Lofça. Evliya Çelebi also mentions the historical bridge, which is known to have been built during II.Murat's time, in detail in his travelogue. According to Evliya Çelebi, there are around 200 shops on the bridge in 1640. This place is also very close to the Dyer Kulluk Bridge. A small barn and warehouse are located in the side section of the arches carrying the bridge. The bridge walls are constructed in the form of paper. The bridge can be reached via Atatürk Street.

Irgandi BridgeIrgandi BridgeIrgandi BridgeIrgandi Bridge


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