Ipek Han

Ipek Han

Ipek Han

Ipek Han, which has a very important place among Bursa Khans, is located in Ivaz Paşa Bazaar as the location. At the same time, the historical site located in the southern section of Pirinç Khan was built by Çelebi Mehmet. At that time, the khan was built by Haji Ivaz Pasha, who was known as a very talented architect.

Ipek Khan is also referred by local people as Sultan Khan or Haytoncular Khan. Built towards the end of the 1400s, Ipek Khan faces a serious fire disaster in 1958. Immediately after this fire, the process of rebuilding is started with smooth cut stones and bricks. Due to this repair, the entrance part loses its authenticity. The brick decorations in the facade sections are of particular interest to visitors. The İpek Khan, which is in the category of two-storey inns, has 81 rooms in total. 39 of these rooms are located on the ground floor and 42 are located on the second floor.

In the first period of the khan, because car manufacturers or repairers take place in this place, it is called the Car Manufacturers' Inn. The Khan, in which brick masonry and rough stone are in the foreground, reflects Ottoman khan architecture. Apart from the rooms of the khan, there is a fountain in the middle section, a small animal barn and a small mosque. Porches are located just in front of the rooms on the lower and upper floors. The top of these porches is covered with vaults. This also applies to the upper rooms.

During the opening of Mecidiye Street towards the end of the 1800s, the entrance façade in the eastern section was demolished, but this deficiency was corrected in 1958. Today it is seen that there are mainly tailor shops or shops selling clothes in Ipek Khan.

Ipek HanIpek Han


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