Inegöl City Museum

Inegöl City Museum

Inegöl City Museum

The Inegöl City Museum, which describes the journey of Inegöl far beyond what is known, is a building that was built under the leadership of the mayor during the period of the region and gained a lot of popular acclaim.

Inegöl, which generally stands out with its patties and spas, has essentially a very important cultural heritage. Inegöl, which has captured an important exit in the recent period, has entered into a serious breakthrough in tourism as a result of this. The city museum, one of the most important projects in the region, was raised for the first time with the mayor of the district, Alinur Aktaş, and even expressing this idea was enough to excite the people of Iznik.

At that time, the initiatives of Alinur Aktaş and these efforts with various volunteers gained a great speed. A small commission is set up to establish the museum. In this commission, names such as collector Serdar Rubaci, folk games referee Ali Osman Olgun and Nedim Bayram draw attention.

For the formation of the museum, a complete collective worj is carried out. The museum board conducts interviews with many of the city's leading names at the point of financial resources. At the same time, the local rightly offers a great support both in terms of information and material. Not only the people living in Inegöl but also the people living outside the district also contribute to this project. From time to time, the mayor himself is involved in these family meetings.

5 towns and 91 villages are scanned one by one and thousands of documents, objects, vital items or photographs are detected. In a sense, the people of Inegöl shed light on the museum. A similar collective effort is unlikely to come across in the formation of a museum. While these works continue, the restoration of the museum building is completed. The Old Town Hall is preferred for the museum. This 1050-square-foot historic building has a 150-year history. The building is quite radically renovated from head to toe for the museum.

Inegöl City MuseumInegöl City MuseumInegöl City MuseumInegöl City Museum


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