Hüma Hatun Mausoleum

Hüma Hatun Mausoleum

Hüma Hatun Mausoleum

Unfortunately, information about Hüma Hatun is limited. Hüma Hatun, whose tomb is located in Bursa today, was wife of II.Murat being one of the Ottoman Sultans, but the more important information about her is that she is the mother of Mehmet The Conqueror. Hüma Hatun, who is known to have been born in Italy, died in 1449. Hüma Hatun, whose father's name is not known for certain, is nevertheless mentioned in limited sources as ‘Daughter of Abdullah’.

Hüma Hatun's tomb in Bursa is also referred as ’Hatuniye Kümbedi(cupola)'. The date in the tomb refers to the year 1449 and although no name related to Hüma Hatun is mentioned in this area, it is accepted that Fatih Sultan Mehmet built this place for his mother. Although some historians suggest that mother of Mehmet The Conqueror was essentially a French woman, the name Hüma Hatun is mentioned in court records in the city of Bursa. However, this debate still continues today.

In the Tomb of Hüma Hatun, an impressive medallion offering examples of pen craftsmanship stands out. This shrine is also located in the eastern part of the Muradiye Mosque, which is an important mosque of the city. The Tomb of Hüma Hatun, also referred as ’AK(white) mausoleum', has a hexagonal plan architecturally. It is quite bright as there is a separate window on each face of the tomb. As with many Ottoman works, smooth cut stones were used on the walls of the mausoleum. In the same tomb there is a separate ark except Hüma Hatun. It is unclear to whom this ark belongs to.

The Tomb of Hüma Hatun was first repaired in 1601. The last known repair operation took place in 1884. The dome above the tomb, which is located in a garden, has a lead covered structure. The inscription on the shrine has been translated into Turkish specifically for visitors.

Hüma Hatun MausoleumHüma Hatun MausoleumHüma Hatun MausoleumHüma Hatun Mausoleum



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