Hüdavendigar Complex

Hüdavendigar Complex

22.02.2021 00:18

Hüdavendigar Complex is also known as the Sultan I.Murat Complex. The complex, built in 1366, is located in the western part of the city. I. Murat Hüdavendigar is also known as the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire to be martyred. The area where this large complex is located is home to the oldest neighborhood in the city.

Complex consists of imaret, madrasa, mausoleum, bath and mosque. On the front side of the ablution area, two sycamore trees have a monumental nature. The area where the complex was built is referred in the form of Pythia in the past periods. The district is in the foreground with its healing waters, hot springs and baths from past to present. In a sense, it is seen as the guest house of Bursa. The area is used as a promenade for local people due to the natural beauty of the middle of the last century. Other than that, hot springs are visited in order to find healing. When you come to the Hudavendigar Complex, you may experience a wonderful view of the Bursa Plain. Recently, as the popularity and tourist value of this place has increased, breakfast places appear in the areas that see the view. Especially in summer, an ideal atmosphere is created for those who want to cool off in the shade of the sycamore trees here.

Murat Imaret is located in the western section of the mosque of the same name. Three rows of brick and one row of rubble stone were preferred in the wall sections. The inscription on the door of the almshouse mentions the restoration performed in 1906. The imaret section, which still exists today, is mostly used for cultural events. One of the important buildings in Külliye is the Çık Çık Hammam. This place is also referred as “Enter and Exit bath” by the local people. It meets the needs of the madrasa students during its construction. It is therefore a kind of bachelor bath. Today it has been restored by the municipality.

Hüdavendigar ComplexHüdavendigar ComplexHüdavendigar ComplexHüdavendigar Complex


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