Haraççıoğlu Madrasa

Haraççıoğlu Madrasa

Haraççıoğlu Madrasa

The Haraççıoğlu Madrasa, located on Kavaklı Street in the region named Hisar in Bursa, was built towards the end of the 1500s and is one of the works that has a very important place in terms of history.

Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period, so it managed to have many cultural and historical monuments. The fact that these works have come to a large extent until today adds significant value to Bursa tourism. One of the important buildings inherited from the Ottoman period is the Haraççıoğlu Madrasa. This place is reintroduced with the successful restoration work done in recent years and the restoration work has been carried out with the efforts of Osmangazi Municipality.

It is given such a name because of the tributes collected from Christians during the period when the place was built. Another name of Haraççıoğlu Madrasa is 'Cizyederzade'. Although it is not known who exactly built the madrasa, a notable family of the city is mentioned in written sources. Essentially during the period of its establishment, this facility begins to serve as a kind of victory. Rifki Ibrahim Effendi decides to turn this place into a madrasa in later periods. The library to this madrasa manages to be the second largest library in the city. As it is known, the Orhan Library is in the first place. In fact, this library will merge with the Orhan Library after a while. The number of books here in the 1930s is around 1600. Today, a significant portion of those books are transferred to the Inebey Library of writing works.

The presence of the madrasa at a historical point of the city, such as Kavaklı quarter, is an important advantage in terms of tourism. The building section of the madrasa is about 110 square meters. The garden part is larger than this area. After the restoration, this historical Madrasa of Bursa is now transformed into a social facility that hosts cultural and artistic activities. Haraççıoğlu Madrasa is also known as Hüseyin Ağa Madrasa or Hüseyin Ağa Zawiyah by the local people.

Haraççıoğlu MadrasaHaraççıoğlu MadrasaHaraççıoğlu MadrasaHaraççıoğlu Madrasa


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