Gülruh Sultan Mausoleum

Gülruh Sultan Mausoleum

Gülruh Sultan Mausoleum

Gülruh Sultan, an important figure in Bursa, was known as the Ottoman Sultan II. Bayezid's wife. She is essentially a concubine, and therefore the knowledge of which nation she is from is not available in the records. However, Gülruh Sultan is also the mother of one of the most important figures in Turkish history, such as Şehzade Alemşah.

She lives for many years in the palace where she was built within the borders of today's Muradiye. When Alemshah, his son, died when he was still young, Gulruh Sultan decided to settle in Bursa. Suleiman The Magnificent loses his life in the early stages. According to the information provided, Gülruh Sultan, who died at the age of 70, is buried in the mausoleum at Muradiye mosque. Besides himself, his daughter and grandchildren also lie in this tomb.

Gülruh Sultan tomb has a square plan architecture. The pulley on the shrine is covered by a large dome. This impressive dome is seen to be covered in lead. Cut stones and vertical bricks are preferred as building material in the wall sections. In the last sections of the walls the Hedgehog Eaves attract attention. Marble jambed windows are prominent in the facade areas of the building. The eaves located just above the iwan at the entrance appear to have been similarly lead-coated; however, this Eaves cannot reach the present day at a large extent. Only small traces can be found in the sections connected to the wall. There are small mihrabs in the side sections of the entrance iwan. Above the door, there is a flattened arch. Today the doors or windows in the shrine retain their authenticity. Trompes are used to move to domes in the interior section, and these trompes are stalactite.

Another striking detail in the Gülruh Sultan mausoleum is the colored pencil workmanship. When the body walls are examined carefully, it is possible to find traces of pen work. The Tomb of Gülruh Sultan, which offers important reflections from the woodwork, is located in the Osmangazi District of Bursa.

Gülruh Sultan MausoleumGülruh Sultan MausoleumGülruh Sultan MausoleumGülruh Sultan Mausoleum


  • gunmemoli
    14.11.2022 06:17

    Türbe, 1502 yılında vefat eden II. Bayezıd’ın karısı ve Alem şah’ın annesi Gülruh Sultan’a aittir.


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