Geyve Khan

Geyve Khan

Geyve Khan

Geyve Han, one of the symbol places of Bursa city, is also known as ‘Guild Khan’ among the people. The purpose of the khan built by Hajii Ivaz Pasha in the 1400s was to provide economic income to the Greenl Mosque, one of the important mosques of the city at that time.

The Geyve Khan, presented as a gift to Sultan Of The Ottoman Empire I.Mehmet, is located inside Demirkapı Bazaar and has two gates in total. The gate in the western section corresponds with the Masjid. Like many inns in Bursa, this place has two floors. There are also 26 rooms on the ground floor of Geyve Khan. The number of rooms on the second floor is 30. The khan is generally built with rubble stones and brick materials. The name Geyve Khan corresponds to the 17th century.

Until today, the place has names such as Irmüçiler Inn, Payıgah Inn. Geyve Khan, where local and foreign tourists still show intense interest, is today filled with shops selling textile materials. Geyve Khan is located in the most active part of the Yorgancılar(quilt maker) Bazaar. This situation is effective in keeping the inn alive for many years in commercial terms. It is known that a barn was located on the ground floor when the inn was first built. In time, this section will disappear. The porches and courtyard in front of the rooms in Geyve Khan, whose last repair process took place in 2007, have their original identity.

To reach Geyve Khan, one must follow Republic Street and turn towards Koza Khan. When you return here, you will see that Geyve Khan is just to your right. The inn is also close to Zafer Plaza and Gökçen Plaza. Both the foot parts and arches of the inn are made of brick. The chamber parts of the khan, which have Hedgehog eaves, are covered with vaults.

Geyve KhanGeyve KhanGeyve Khan



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