Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )

Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )

Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )

Fidan Khan, located in the city of Bursa, was built by Mahmut Pasha, known as the grand vizier of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror. For this reason, the place, which is also referred as Mahmut Paşha Khan in some sources, has a two-storey structure.

High porches are located in the front sections of the rooms of Fidan Khan. In the courtyard of the khan, a large fountain with a total of 12 corners draws attention. Located in the Open Market in the city center, this historic khan remains dormant for a while. In spite of this, it is re-identified with the restoration carried out by the municipality in the last period. After the restoration, the shops here are opened in the same way. Today, the courtyard section is also considered as a tea garden.

As the place is within the area known as’ Khans region', you will also have the chance to witness other Khans when you visit the area. During the first period when it was built, the Khan was mainly intended to provide income to Mahmut Pasha complex. Apart from the courtyard, which has a square plan, the Masjid, shops and warehouses with porches are among the places worth seeing in Bursa. The porches in the lower section are covered with vaults. However, the porches in the upper section are covered with a dome. Cut mold stone is preferred on the walls of the facade. Therefore, it is shown as one of the successful examples in terms of masonry work.

The barn part of Fidan Khan which was on the ground floor in the first period does not manage to reach today. All rooms have windows except those facing the market. Hay was brought extensively to Fidan Khan, which is mutual with the historical Koza Khan for a long time. For this reason, some sources also refer to the Khan as Samanpazarı Khan. The khan is intact and active today. Fidan Khan, in which there are many trees, is known as a property of the General Directorate of Foundations.

Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )Fidan Khan (Mahmut Paşha Khan )


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