Emir Khan

Emir Khan

Emir Khan

Emir Khan was built by Orhan Bey after the conquest of Bursa and it is located to the north of Ulu Mosque, which is one of the most important mosques in Bursa.

Emir Khan, named as Bezzaziye Khan until the middle of the 16th century, has faced many disasters such as fire or earthquake in the historical process. The last major fire encountered occurs in 1958. The necessary repair work is carried out immediately after this fire disaster. The Emir Khan, where smooth cut stones are preferred in its construction, has two floors in total. In front of these side-by-side rooms, the high porches attract attention. Some rooms on the ground floor function as warehousing. The rooms on the second floor all have large windows and furnaces.

The Emir Khan has 73 separate rooms in total. 36 of these rooms are on the ground floor and 37 are on the second floor. Emir Khan is also considered as a part of the Orhan Ghazi complex. Apart from the historical khan, imaret, hamam, mosque and madrasa are located in this great complex and this region was known as Atpazarı at that time. Today, there are shops in the khan where textile materials, jewelry-like souvenirs or books are sold. In this sense, it continues to serve the city of Bursa commercially. The khan is largely crowded and active. This place also hosts some special activities from time to time.

One of the most important features of Emir Khan is that it was the first bedesten(Ottoman bazaar) built in Bursa. In a sense, it is the core of the bazaar in Bursa. The courtyard section of the khan covers an area of 45 to 50 meters. Domes are found in the four corners of the khan, reflecting many features of the traditional Ottoman Khans. Certain parts of the structure are covered with vaults.

Emir KhanEmir Khan


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