Demirtaş (Timurtaş) Bath

Demirtaş (Timurtaş) Bath

Demirtaş (Timurtaş) Bath

Demirtaş Bath is located within the borders of Bursa and is located at Gazcilar Junction on Osmangazi Street.

Demirtaş (Timurtaş) Bath was built towards the end of 1300s with the contributions of Oruç Bey, son of Demirtaş Pasha. Although the exact date of the bath is unknown, it is certain that it belongs to the period of Yıldırım Bayezid. It is known that the bath was purchased by Rüstem Pasha in the 16th century. Rüstem Pasha buys the stones here and uses the construction of a hot spring. The building is intended to be a prison during the historical period, but in later periods it is attached to the regimental command. It is used as a gas tank for some time before being transferred to the General Directorate of Foundations.

Unlike many historical baths in Bursa, this building has a single bath. The space extending from the east-west axis sits on an architecturally rectangular area. The main entrance door of the bath is in the northern section. The standoff section measures 15.75 times 17.80 metres. At the same time, the upper side of this section is covered by a large dome. The girdle consisting of prismatic triangles provides transitions to the dome. To the east of the cold section is a door to the warm section. The top of this section is covered with vaults. The vaulting structure completely covers the Iwan. The area in question also has a razor and seclusion. An arched passage stands out in the warm section. In the same way, there are two major seclusions in this section. Mainly rubble stones are used in the facade sections of the structure.

Although the historical bathhouse remained dormant for a long time, it was extensively repaired in 1987 and continues to function as a bathhouse again after this repair. Demirtaş Bath is still active today. The bathhouse is open between 10:00 and 17:00.

Demirtaş (Timurtaş) BathDemirtaş (Timurtaş) BathDemirtaş (Timurtaş) Bath


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