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Demirtaş (Timur Taş) Mosque

Demirtaş (Timur Taş) Mosque

Demirtaş Mosque, which is considered as one of the most visited mosques in Bursa, is also known by the name of ‘Timur Taş’.

There is an uncertainty about who built the mosque. Some sources claim that Ali Bey built the mosque, while some sources refer to Timur Taş Pasha, Emir of Yıldırım Bayezid. Demirtaş mosque is accepted among mosques with ’Reverse T ' plan. This tradition begins in the Orhan Mosque as it is known in the city of Bursa. Likewise, the Hudavendigar mosque adopts this understanding.

The side sections of the historic mosque, which has a central dome, are extended by means of a vaulted portion. The final parish location is located in the northern part. Pointed arches connecting the cut stone braided feet at the site of the last congregation draw attention. This area consists of five sections in total. It is of interest that the section in the middle section is slightly higher compared to the other four sections. This place is also covered by a relatively large dome. The sections on either side of the central section have small domes. Unlike other places, cross vaults are preferred here. In certain sections of the mosque, figures of bird's beak decoration are rendered in an interesting way.

Demirtaş or, in other words, Timur Taş mosque was made as a lodges in the early years. The conversion of the place into a mosque corresponds to the year 1573. Ornaments are preserved in the mihrab of the historical mosque. In many parts outside the mihrab, the decorations do not reach today. In this case, of course, the impact of the various disasters faced by the mosque is great. The fountain located at the bottom of the minaret section reaches to the present day. The last major repair related to the mosque was made by Bursa Antiquities Lovers Institution in 1966.

Demirtaş (Timur Taş) MosqueDemirtaş (Timur Taş) MosqueDemirtaş (Timur Taş) MosqueDemirtaş (Timur Taş) Mosque



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