Cumalıkızık is one of the first areas where the Ottomans settled in the city of Bursa.

Close to 300 houses in Cumalikizık, one of the most important points of the Ottoman Empire, offer traces of Ottoman civil architecture. 180 of these houses are actively available. Other houses are under protection and continue to be restored. Cumalıkızık, located close to the outskirts of Uludag, is also home to a church inherited from the Byzantine period. The remains of the church were reached in 1969. Some of these remains are exhibited today in the Bursa Archaeological Museum.

The Ottoman Empire conquered Iznik after Bursa in 1331. This situation reinforces the settlement of the Ottoman people in cities and villages. Cumalıkızık, which is among the most visited villages of Bursa, is essentially established as a foundation village. This situation is reflected in the settlement of the village, its architecture and style of living. The villages that were side by side here at the time are divided according to the border created by the stream. The old name of the village is known as ‘Kızık’. Both the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Museums carry out a joint study on the inclusion of Cumalikızık village in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The file, which was forwarded in 2013, recently receives approval by UNESCO. During the same period, the Khan district and Sultaniye Complex in Bursa also received approval for this list.

To come to Cumalikizik village, you can choose the minibuses or buses that pass by the Ankara road route. The village is full of numerous figs and chestnut trees. Here 700-year-old Memorial Village also welcomes you. Unlike some villages in the city, it is not possible to find traces of Greeks. In this sense, Cumalikızık is a Turkish village from the core can be said. You can feel yourself in a mountain village in Cumalikızık, which has plenty of oxygen and is adjacent to the slopes. Cumalıkızık's popularity increases with the series of Kınalı Snow.



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    Bursa için ilk 10'a girer

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