Celal Bayar Museum

Celal Bayar Museum

Celal Bayar Museum

This special museum, also known as the birthplace of Celal Bayar and located in the Gemlik region, was opened in the name of Turkey's third president.

The historic house in Umurbey is inspired by the architectural features of the 19th century. Celal Bayar Museum opened on 26 August 1970. Both the museum and the library in the formation of Celal Bayar's efforts are concerned. This glitzy house used for the museum has three floors in total. It is considered one of the most special examples of wooden Ottoman houses. Within the museum, the original items of the house are combined with some of the materials used during the period in question.

A special section is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the Celal Bayar Museum, which is seen as a kind of Memorial Museum. On the other hand, it is seen that Celal Bayar left a special place for his Kuvay-I Milliye(Turkish Revolutionaries) years. Likewise, the Ministry of economics, the years of Ministry, the efforts of Işbank during the establishment period, and the years of Atatürk as prime minister are supported by very special photographs. Various memorials and paintings are displayed as material. At Celal Bayar Museum; the insignia, clothes, plaques, medals and pictures presented to Celal Bayar in different countries during his years as president are presented to the visitors.

Today there is a large library of 20 thousand books, newspapers or periodicals in the museum. The library is particularly prominent in recent Turkish history with its political history. In this sense, it is a very important resource for new generations. There is also a mausoleum of him right next to the Celal Bayar Museum. This mausoleum is incorporated by the government long after the museum's construction. Those wishing to visit the museum and library can consider all days except Monday. The museum is open to visitors between 10:00 and 17:00.

 Celal Bayar Museum Celal Bayar Museum Celal Bayar Museum Celal Bayar Museum


  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 07:49

    İçerisinde Kütüphane ve müzesi bulunmaktadır. Kütüphane kapalı, müze ise aktif olarak gezilebilmektedir.

  • caliskanahmt
    07.03.2023 13:52

    27 Mayıs Darbesi mağduru Celal Bayar' ın Anıtı, Müzesi ve Kütüphanesi ziyaret edilmesi gereken bir mekân.


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