Bursa Cable Car

Bursa Cable Car

Bursa Cable Car

The biggest feature of the cable car in the city of Bursa is that it is the first and only cable car in Turkey in the year it was built.

Bursa cable car opened on October 29, 1963 and was merged with the Republic celebrations of that period. The cable car offers a passenger reception hall, shops, cafes and a large car park. Kadıyayla station of the cable car, which had two stations in the first period, reaches a height of about 1230 meters, while Sarıalan station reaches a height of 1635 meters.

Normally, this area is reached by turning around 300 bends on the road. However, thanks to the cable car moving through Sarıalan station, it takes only 12 minutes to reach that distance. Another station, the Second District Hotels station, reaches up to 1800 meters above sea level.

There are currently around 140 cabins within the cable car. Each cabin is ready in an average of 20 seconds. It has a capacity to carry 1500 passengers per 1 hour. Each cabin can accommodate a total of eight people. In the cabins, there is an aerodynamics that prevents concussions. At the same time hydraulic doors and central system reinforce the cable car's strong safety system. Technically, the system is suitable for operation in all seasons and in all climatic conditions. Transportation is carried out without interruption, including rain or snow. Bursa Cable Car, which served with its original technology until 2012, has undergone a radical change since then. After nearly two years of renovation work, the cable car is reunited with the people of Bursa.

This whole restoration process is carried out by an Italian company. One of the symbols of Bursa, the line is operated by Cable Car Holding A.P.. Bursa cable car today has the longest route in Turkey in terms of horizontal length with rope transportation. The cable car, which houses four stations in total, is coloured by shopping shops and entertainment areas. The cable car from Teferrüc station ends in the famous hotels area in Uludag.

Bursa Cable CarBursa Cable CarBursa Cable CarBursa Cable Car


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