Bursa City Museum

Bursa City Museum

Bursa City Museum

The Bursa City Museum, which carries the city's depiction of thousands of years to the present day, is one of the example museums in Turkey. Completed in 1926 and used as a courthouse in 2010 square meters in total area of the building, Bursa in the center of the origin,Anatolian culture dating back to the 7 thousand years ago and 14th century based Ottoman culture, is processed in a wide framework.

In this context, the history of the city; social, commercial, economic, tourist, cultural, geographical elements are revealed. The Bursa City Museum, which includes historical elements supported by documents, presentations, animations and objects, is based on the transfer of details about the development of a city to visitors in a way that also addresses the chronological features.

The traditional business life in the museum, which was inaugurated in 2004, is portrayed by the use of objects and wax models of Coppersmith-tinker, Carpenter, basketmaker and many other professions. This section, called historic trades street, is located in the basement of the museum.

The topographic model of Bursa is one of the interesting parts of the museum. The delicately designed model allows visitors to see the historical buildings of the city such as the city walls, baths, mosques and social complex from an air view. However, in the museum, where there is a coffee house and tea garden on the ground floor and a gift shop, visitors do not neglect to buy small items that they can always store or gift to their loved ones in their homes in memory of their arrival. There is also a multi-purpose hall on the first floor of the museum called ‘Document’ which is also used as a research area, library, reading place and as an area where presentations can be viewed.

Bursa City Museum, whose theme is often changed in its corridors, represents a dynamic and open to interest in this aspect. In the museum where the amphitheatre is located at the entrance, exhibitions are also performed outdoors during some months of the year.

Bursa City MuseumBursa City MuseumBursa City MuseumBursa City Museum


  • slnkocx
    09.08.2022 07:53

    Bursa tarihi ile aklımızda soru işareti bırakmadı. İçerideki ayak izlerini takip ederek gezebilirsiniz


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