Armutlu Bath (Old Hot Spring)

Armutlu Bath (Old Hot Spring)

Armutlu Bath (Old Hot Spring)

Armutlu Bath, also known as ’Old Hot Spring', stands out among the hot springs in Bursa with its historical value and size. In the area where it was built, the remains of ancient baths dating from the Byzantines are found. I. Murat designed this place as a double bath in 1394. Much later than that, II. Bayezid adds a chapter of standoff to the historic bath.

The facade walls of the bath are built with brick and stone. The fountain located immediately in the middle section is quite large. At the same time, the top of the standoff area is covered by a dome. In the past, six of the standoff section are used as cellars. Some sources also say that the basement here was also used as a barn. In the warmness section of the bath, there are round arches connecting the columns. It is known that the lion's mouth figure, in which hot water is discharged from his mouth in the pool, was inherited from Byzantine times.

The Armutlu Bathhouse has a roof covered with lead when it was first built. Much later - that is, in 1612-this section was converted to tile material. Armutlu Bath is unlike any other bath in Bursa due to its general architectural structure. The water reaches 40-45 degrees in the pool of the bath which has its own interesting atmosphere. The degree of water finds 90 degrees at the source. It is very interesting that this slope, where there are Hot Springs, has great Cold Springs. Evliya Çelebi mentions the ancient spa in detail in his famous work. He states that the hand of a person taking a bath here has slipped on his body like a soap. Today, the section called the arched fountain in the lower section of the bath is said to be healing.

The Old Hot Spring is open between 10:00 and 17:00. Armutlu Bath, one of the most important baths in Bursa, can be reached by bus or metro. If you prefer to come by minibus, you should get off in the Kükürtlü District.

Armutlu Bath (Old Hot Spring)Armutlu Bath (Old Hot Spring)Armutlu Bath (Old Hot Spring)


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