Aras Waterfall

Aras Waterfall

Aras Waterfall

Aras waterfall, which is among the primary preferences of those who want to encounter natural beauties in Bursa, is a very ideal place for those who like nature and especially walking.

The road to the waterfall, rather than the Aras waterfall itself, is of greater interest. The area is suitable for many nature activities. The violently pouring water through the big rocks presents a terrific visual. However, the waterfall is located at an altitude of 1900.

Those who want to walk around the waterfall usually determine a trail in the form of Ketenli Plateau-Aras waterfall. Those who want to combine visiting the waterfall with hiking often show interest in the area in spring and summer. However, in case of any eventuality, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing with you on your way here. Especially soft walking shoes will give you a significant advantage on this long journey.

Those who come to the region with special vehicles usually leave their vehicles in the Ketenli Plateau. Those who want to extend the route can park their vehicles further back to the village called Soğukpınar. If you make such a choice, a walk of about 5 kilometers will wait for you to go to the waterfall. Along the way, many signs about the Aras waterfall will guide you. After a pleasant journey, where the conifer trees, water tanks and fountains add colour, you can finally reach the Aras waterfall. Aras waterfall attracts the attention of amateur and professional photographers throughout the year, on the other hand, you may find it extremely enjoyable to eat or drink with your loved ones around the waterfall. When you come to visit this place, don't forget to taste the water flowing from the waterfall.

If there is no break, the walkway lasts for an hour on average. The source of the waterfall belongs to the water Nilüfer Creek, one of the most important streams in the city. The water is always quite cold, including during summer periods.

Aras WaterfallAras WaterfallAras WaterfallAras Waterfall


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    17.08.2021 17:41

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