Alaçam Waterfall and Canyon

Alaçam Waterfall and Canyon

Alaçam Waterfall and Canyon

The village of Alaçam is frequently visited by nature lovers in recent times. This canyon, on the other hand, is like a gold dust for those interested in trekking and mountain sports.

In the canyon, clubs belonging to mountaineering or nature sports often organize nature walks. The Alaçam Village Waterfall and Canyon are seen as a hidden paradise. However, one of the most important natural beauties of Bursa, Kestel district is located in the borders. At the same time, the location corresponds to the southern part of Uludag. For those who want to escape the noise of the city and relax in a quiet place, Bursa is one of the right places to go. The snow in Uludag starts to melt with the spring period and thus Alaçam Waterfall reaches a height of 10 meters.

The waterfall, which is quite visually impressive, is a place of interest especially to photography and hiking enthusiasts. The distance of the region to the city center is 13 kilometers. Even if there are vans coming to the village, it would be a better choice to come here in your private car.

When you go on the Bursa-Ankara highway, you must proceed to the cement factory in the east direction. At the crossroads you meet the Kürekli Creek and the Saitabat Waterfall. From this point on, you may encounter Alaçam signs. Although the village you will reach will fill your eyes with its unique local coffee house and its local flavors, the majority of those who come here will aim to see its famous waterfall and canyon. This is also a picnic area suitable for many people. Even if you do not take food and drink with you, you can spend time in small fishing restaurants. The area is very close to the historic Kestel Castle. Uludag next to this special beauty of nature, with its unique landscape is a match for postcards.

Alaçam Waterfall and CanyonAlaçam Waterfall and CanyonAlaçam Waterfall and CanyonAlaçam Waterfall and Canyon


  • beyzakorkmazzx
    22.08.2022 07:25

    Suyu buz gibiydi ayaklarımızı sokmakla yetindik, su sayesinde etrafıda serin oluyor dağ yürüyüşü için harika alan


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