Tomb of Alaaddin-I Misri

Tomb of Alaaddin-I Misri

Tomb of Alaaddin-I Misri

Bursa is home to many scholars and sultans in the historical process. The reason for the large number of shrines in the city is due to this situation in a way. Aladdin-I Misri, who contributed to the education process of many junior people in the city during his life, can also be mentioned among these names.

After his conquest of Iznik, Orhan Ghazi gave great importance to science and religious education. He built the first madrasa belonging to the Ottoman Empire in that period, dedicated to Süleyman Pasha himself. Therefore, Suleyman Pasha Madrasa is regarded as one of the places where many scholars and scientists grew up in the city. Alaaddin-I Misri taught in this madrasa for many years.

Today, the Mausoleum of Alaaddin-I Misri is located on the street of the same name in Iznik. The shrine has a rectangular-shaped plan and extends in an east-west direction. Although the tomb had a wooden roof in its original form, unfortunately only parts of the wall remain today. This historic site is about 1 metre down the road. It is surrounded by briquette walls. The building measures 4.55 times 7.45 meters. Inside the tomb, there are three separate crates. None of them have inscriptions. The first ark is surrounded by walls. The height of this wall is around half a meter. The second ark is adjacent to the north wall. The length of the third ark is 3.55 meters. Here it also draws attention to ancient column fragments and sarcophagi fragments.

The Tomb of Alaaddin-I Misri, built in the 1700s, is built with stone and brick materials. The shrine attracts especially local visitors throughout the year. This shrine belonging to Aladdin Al-Misri, an Islamic professor, has a monumental value. When you arrive in the region, you can add the nearby Suleyman Pasha Madrasa, Haci Uzbek Mosque, Iznik Hagia Sophia and Iznik Yesil Mosque to your list of visits.

Tomb of Alaaddin-I MisriTomb of Alaaddin-I Misri


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