Kocabey Barracks

Kocabey Barracks

Kocabey Barracks

The Kocabey Barracks, which is approximately 15 kilometers away from the Şavşat District of Artvin, is also within the Sahara Karagöl National Park.

There is another advantage for visitors to the area where Kocabey Barracks is located. Because this is a National park on the one hand and a historical site on the other. The houses also have their own special architecture and this feature is immediately noticeable. There are generally wooden and single storey structures. There is an obvious increase in the number of visitors to the area during the summer months. This increase is at peak by the Sahara Pancarcı Festival, which is held every year in July. The Festival has been held regularly in the region since a very long time. During the festival, thousands of people flock here. In the meantime, both camping and caravan tourism in the barracks draw attention. The landscaping is designed in accordance with this demand.

Kocabey Barracks, where you can come within the scope of cultural tourism, successfully reflects those familiar beauties of Artvin. All accommodation facilities being suitable for all budgets in the region attract attention. You can set up a tent in this area with your loved ones or dock with your caravan. Kocabey barracks, especially because it can make a difference with its stunning views, also manages to attract photography enthusiasts. Located in the village of the same name, this very special barracks is controlled by the National Parks Directorate and the Gendarmerie. Regular inspections take place in order to prevent illegal structures in the area.

Kocabey barracks, located on Artvin Ardahan Road, offers a very special visual in the fog. In fact, these and similar images can be found in many parts of the Eastern Black Sea. You can come directly to the barracks in your personal car. You can enjoy the view in this postcard region where you can find peace in nature. The buildings at Kocabey Barracks, whose star has been shining well in recent times, especially with the influence of social media, are well suited to the dispersed settlement.

Kocabey BarracksKocabey BarracksKocabey BarracksKocabey Barracks



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