Beyazsu Plateau

Beyazsu Plateau

Beyazsu Plateau

Beyazsu Plateau, located in Artvin province, is adjacent to Karçal Mountains. Located at a distance of 50 kilometers between Borcka and Beyazsu Plateau, this plateau is 82 kilometers from the center of Artvin. There are many camping and accommodation areas in Beyazsu Plateau, which is among the natural beauties of the Black Sea. The plateau takes its name from the white foams at the entrance. Here, at the same time, there is another hostel created by the initiatives of TEMA. This stylish pension attracts attention with a total capacity of 24 people. One of the places most frequently visited by those who visit Beyazsu Plateau is Yıldız Lake. Although there is a distance of about two hours between this lake and the plateau, local and foreign tourists generally do not miss this visit. There are also suitable trekking areas around Yıldız Lake. Thanks to the minibuses departing from Artvin city center, one can reach the plateau in Borcka. Apart from that, there are also many private car rental options. Beyazsu Plateau is in a meadow, not a forest. As you come towards the plateau, you can witness the foaming of water coming out of a big rock. The plateau is an ideal place for long travel plans. The plateau lies just below the summit of Karçal Mountain. Beyazsu Plateau, where it is possible to witness quite beautiful views, attracts great attention from visitors due to its high point. Located directly on the walking routes, the region also hosts many festivals and events. Especially in the summer months, the festivities that last for a week attract busy crowds here. Beyazsu Plateau; It is a very suitable spot for those who want to walk on routes such as Maral Waterfall, Yıldız Lake, Mısırlı village and Şavşat.

Beyazsu PlateauBeyazsu PlateauBeyazsu PlateauBeyazsu Plateau


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