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Single Cistern Urban Park

Single Cistern Urban Park

Located within the boundaries of Kepez District of Antalya and opened to visit on October 11, 2018 with the contributions of Kepez Municipality, The Single Cistern City Park manages to attract all attention with its theme ‘fairytale park’. Located on Hürriyet Street in Avni Tolunay District,The Single Cistern City Park which has the distinction of being Antalya's 2nd fairytale park covers a total area of 64 acres. The Single Cistern City Park which has become one of the city's most popular attractions since it opened has many polyester figures of cartoon characters such as the minions, Kung Fu Panda, Pocahontas, Ice Age, ice queen, Iron Man, Transformers, Brother Bear, Chipmunk, Alvin, Batman, Spider-Man, Yesil, ogre, Shrek, Ece and Efe, Pepe and Şila. The Single Cistern City Park which may be of interest to people of all ages, with numerous walking path, figure, sculpture, green area, the entertainment field, picnic areas, biking trails, a big challenge, basketball court, buffet and restaurants, shops, fitness room and relaxation area awaits its visitors. Also, the pine trees and cistern that give the park its name are definitely worth a visit. If you go to The Single Cistern City Park where you will capture beautiful squares, it is quite possible to find a small – large area with multiple different themes. At the entrance of the park, there is a giant 14-metre monument, composed of the silhouette of the hero in Gulliver's travels. Families with children can also meet all your needs in the Food and drink areas of The Single Cistern City Park, which is the first place on the weekend routes.

Single Cistern Urban ParkSingle Cistern Urban ParkSingle Cistern Urban Park


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    Şehrin göbeğinde güzel bir yer, 2 adet işletme var içinde, isterseniz piknik yapma imkanı var, üçretsiz belediyeye ait.


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